1996 -1999

January 11 Played with Dick Rivers on a French TV program 'Taratata'
April 24 D.Rivers - Disneyland 24
River's 50th anniversary. The show was aired on radio.
June Remixed the tapes by the B-Girls and the Dishrags in Toronto.

July Spedding played with Dick Rivers three festivals in Fanace.
12th, Francofolies la Rochelle
13rd, Festival de Mirande
14th, Aix-en-Provence

Festival de Mirande was as En Concert issued on PAL VHS video on his fan club Dick Rivers Connexion.

January Played with Dick Rivers at Olympia in Paris on 9th

Mick Taylor joined on guitar. And they did a French TV program 'Taratata' on 13rd.
They played 'Mama Merci', 'Rip It Up' and 'In The Ghetto' and aired in February

April The Institute Of Formal Research issued.

September Producing Ted Axe at his home studio.
But he doesn't have a record deal yet.

November On 14th, Spedding was in Toronto to finish the Art Bergmann CD.
He overdubed guitar parts. And he joined the Bergmann's gig at the Generator on 19th.

spring Started playing with Stevie Gurr's band at Crazy Jack's in Burbank.
His band called Stormy Wednesday Blues or Stevie Gurr & his Friends, Stevie Gurr on guitar and vocals, Sheldon Gomberg on bass and Don Heffington on drums, played there every Wednesday.
Gurr says,
I've known about Chris for a long time, because of a friend of mine, who was from London, he used to play a lot of things, like in the 60's and early 70's some jazz things. About three or four months ago, Sheldon Gomberg, the bass player mentioned that Chris was in town and he was looking to play. And I said 'Really?' So he invited Chris down to the jam that I did and we played together for a long time. I had obviously respect for him and he heard me play and understood that I like to play. I told him 'Would you like to play right now?' I determined to play as good as I could, so that he would feel inspired, get up and play. After two songs, he got up and started playing, which was great. One we played together for the first time was wonderful. Because he has such good years, he is instinct and so strong and very respectful man. Since then, we just try to play more and more together, and we play really well altogether.
And stopped playing in the autumn

May Session with Peter Noone
Spedding played six tracks and produce them with Calvin Hayes, all the tracks are offered on the Teenage Idols CD.

June 22 Songwriters Night at Jacks Sugar Shack in LA
Spedding played 'Louisianne', played with Billy Swan and with Chris Montez.

June 29 Bunch Of Damn Songwriters Night at Jacks Sugar Shack in LA
Spedding played with John Andrew Parks and with Spencer Davis.
J.A.Parks decided to hire Spedding for his solo show.

July 10 Jamming with John Andrew Parks at Namaeste in Burbank.
It's the first full-time session.

Session for a Hal Willner's project in LA.

Recording for Mylène Farmer.

August Session with Peter Noone again for Herman's Hermits Million Sellers. Phil Chen plays bass.

Session with Mike Batt in London
This album was out in the late of 1998, which title is Philharmania.

Spedding did recording for Michael Kamen, which track was used in a movie 'What Dreams May Come'.

September Gig with Roy Harper at a club in LA.

Spedding flied to Toronto to produce the Dee Dee Ramone's Hop Around.

On 26th, he joined the Texas Dirt Fuckers gig at El Mocambo

October 15 Gig with Art Bergmann
His CD was put out in this month and Jan Haust of OPM decided to have the CD release party with Spedding on guitar and Peter Moore on harmonica at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto.

John Andrew Parks got a band called John Andrew Parks and Super Band consisting of Spedding on guitar, Chad Watson on bass and Thom Mooney on drums, and play at Jacks Sugar Shack on 31th.

December 23 Children Of The Night at Jacks Sugar Shack in LA.
John Andrew Parks and Cornbread Buddah played.

January Spedding got his band called Chris Spedding and 100 Inches
Consisting of Carmen Hillebrew on rhythm guitar, Sheldon Gomberg on bass and Brian Irving on drums.

Session with Mike Batt in London. A song "Watership Down" they recorded is for UK ITV's cartoon. Other songs will be offered on his new album.

Gig with Buck Page at the Gig in LA on the 20th.

April 24 Chris Spedding and 100 Inches debut gig at the Bowl-A-Rama in LA.

May 7 Chris Spedding and 100 Inches second gig at Jacks Sugar Shack in LA.

Aug. 13 Chris Spedding with French band play Free Wheel Festival in France.

October Starts playing again with Stevie Gurr at Cozy's.
Gig with Dee Dee Ramone at Dragonfly in LA on the 14th.
Gig with Paul Gurvitz at the Mint in LA on the 15th.
Session with Bono of U2 for a soundtrack "Million Dollar Hotel" at the end of this month.

- November Chris Spedding with French band tour in France/Belgium/Luxemburg.

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