Chris Spedding in videos

Please notice. NOT confirmed that CS is on all these footage below.
Video footage filmed without permission is not picked up.

Chris Spedding
   Motorbikin'  (TOTP 28th Aug.1975)
   Motorbikin'  (Supersonic 11th Spet.1975)
   Jump In My Car  (Supersonic 31st Jan.1976)
   Motorbikin'  (Supersonic 13th Dec.1976)
   Pogo Dancing  (Supersonic 13th Dec.1976)
   guest appearance  (Swap Shop 15th Oct.1977)
   Video Life  (PV filmed on 27th Feb.1979)
   a gig at Peppermint Loung, NYC on 14th June 1981
   a gig at Whisky-A-Go-Go, LA on 20th or 21st Nov.1981
   Words and Music promotion video in 1985
   Silver Bullet (MuchMusic in 1990)
   TV CM for Takara  (aired in May 2002)

Mike Batt
   Summertime City  (TOTP 4th Sept.1975)

Andy Bown
   Supersonic  (Supersonic 18th Sept.1975)
   Supersonic  (Supersonic 9th Oct.1975)

Roger Daltrey
   Don't Wait On The Stairs  (BBC TV Special 1983)

David Essex
   Won't Get Burned Again  (Supersonic 4th Sept.1975)
   All The Fun Of The fair  (Supersonic 16th Oct.1975)
   If I Could  (Supersonic 5th Dec.1975)
   Here It Comes Again  (Supersonic 5th Dec.1975)
   Stardust  (Melody/French TV, date unknown)
   Good Ol' Rock & Roll  (Melody/French TV, date unknown)

Bryan Ferry
   In Your Mind  (live at Bottom Line, NYC on June 23 1977 / bootleg)
   This Is Tomorrow  (live at Bottom Line, NYC on June 23 1977 / bootleg)

Justin Hayward
   Forever Autumn  (TOTP 6tn July 1978)

Linda Hoyle
   The Ballad of Marty Mole  (OGWT 2nd May 1972)

   The Bump  (TOTP 2nd Jan.1975)
   Fancy Pants  (TOTP 20th Mar.1975)
   Juliee Anne  (TOTP 28th Aug.1975)
   Nice To Have You Home  (Supersonic 10tn Jan.1976)

David Letterman's house band
   Late Night with David Letterman  (24th Jan.1984)

John Lodge
   Children Of Rock 'n' Roll  (Supersonic 2nd Apr.1976)
   Say You Love Me  (Supersonic 19th Feb.1977)

Mike McClintock
   Call Of The Wild  (at CBGB, NYC in 1986)

Gilbert O'Sullivan
   We Will  (TOTP 1st July 1971)

John Andrew Parks
   at O'Brien's, Santa Monica in 1988

   It's Saturday Night  (promotion video 1987)
   Lower Beverly  (promotion video 1987)

Dick Rivers
   Oh Maman merci!  (filmed by Dick Rivers Connexion / 23rd Nov.1995)

   Forever And Ever  (Supersonic 1st Jan.1976) / It could be CS.

Rod Stewart
   Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller  (Supersonic 1st Mar.1975)

Swap Shop Supergroup
   Sweet Little Sixteen  (Swap Shop in early 1978 or late 1977)

Tomoyau Hotei
   I'm Free  (Guitarythm promotional programme)

   Wombling Merry Christmas  (TOTP 2nd Jan.1975)