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The YEAR 1968. It's the important year for Chris Spedding.

He did sessions with Jack Bruce for his first solo album called "A Song for a Tailor", Frank Ricotti's "Our Point of View" and the Battered Ornaments' "A Meal You Can Shake Hands in the Dark". Also he made the first TV appearance as a musician and did the Isle of Wight Festival with Smile.
His name became creditable and he has been hired as a talented guitar player.

Now 50 years have passed. A Special Gig entitled "The 50th Anniversary Concert" is to be held on 29th June at Nell's Jazz & Blues in London.

Chris is going to get the best musicians for this show and try some songs which haven't been played onstage! And it is one-shot!! You can't miss it and it's a must!!!

Please visit Nell's Jazz & Blues for the tickets.

Sharks goes ON and ON

     Sharks are to tour in Germany in May 2018.
     And their forthcoming album called "Ready Set Go is planned to be put out on 29th June.

Sharks Facebook
You should check it out everyday!

You can pre-order the new album.

14th May-Folk A Rock, Malmo, Sweden
15th May-Meisenfrei, Bremen, Germany
16th May-Marx, Hamburg, Germany
17th May-Quasimodo, Berlin, Germany
18th May-Bett, Frankfurt, Germany
19th May-Yard Club, Koln, Germany

tour with  Bryan Ferry

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      WHAT'S NEW ?
Bryan Ferry photos uploaded (May 3)
   Here are the photos I took in Oxford and Birmingham. Sorry for the qualities.
Sharks add one gig in Lewes (Apr.15)
   Thaey are going to play at the All Saints on 12th May before the German tour. Please visit gig schedule.
The King Mob Radio Show Part 2 (Apr.15)
  I realized a few days ago! This is Part 2 of The King Mob Radio Show Part 1
  by Steve Parsons. You can hear Snip's "Dark Outside" live version
  and King Mob's unrealeased track "All Sexed Up".
gigs with Robert Gordon (Apr.5)
   CS & RG will play in NYC area with Anton Fig and Rob Stoner in July.
   And they are going to have three more dates with a Finnish band in Finland in August.
   Chris is to play with BF on 31st July. And he will play with RG in Helsinki the next day.!
   The dates are fixed, but the venues in Helsinki haven't been fixed. Please visit gig schedule.
TWOTW 2018 (Jan.17)
   I forgot to check their website. The tickets have been on sale.
   I am very sorry... Please see gig schedule.

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