Paul Gurvitz and Friends

at the Mint in LA on October 15 1999

    Mr.Paul Gurvitz, of course, was a bass player of Gun in the late 1960's, Three Man Army and Baker Gurvitz Army in the 1970's, got revived as a musician with the real profesionals. Who backed up him are;
    Paul Bushnell on bass, Rogerio Jardim on drums, Adrian Lee on keyboards, Lorna Lee and Peter Byrne on backing vocals and Chris Spedding on guitars.

    The Mint, where they played at is a better club, like the Bottom Line in NYC (however I haven't gone there!), must be a good club for adult.
    At 10 PM, all the members got on stage and the club was so crowded with audience. All of them were relaxed and the show started.

    set list:
    I Bet You Ten Cents
    Heartaching Love Affair
    Got A Feelin Comin On
    Just Like A Child
    Where Do I Belong
    Country Boy
    Just Say You Love Me
    Fugitive From Love
    Sex At The Wheel

    The 45-minute-show ended up so soon. Everybody there must have enjoyed the show. The good songs and the excellent performance. There was nothing to blame if you like music.
    The songs they did were a bit different from Spedding's style. It's a kind of Adult Oriented Rock, heart-warming songs. He was like black pepper in well-cooked stew. He wasn't given much guitar solo part, but his backing guitar made the songs vivid. It's essence of Chris Spedding.

    They rehearsed again and again (my guessing) only for this Mint show or only for their satisfaction? They have to have more dates and show the professional stage.

    The previous night (14th), they rehearsed at studio. Spedding, Paul Bushnell and Rogerio Jardim were jamming there. It was great blues. Mr.Bushnell seems a bit strange and funny onstage, but he suggested arrangement of the songs they would do during their rehearsal, and plays good bass. He must be a better musician. Their jamming is worth seeing. Won't you go on stage together next time?