Forgotten Rebels
 Pride And Disgrace

vinyl albumCD album
CAN) Other Peoples Music
    / OPM-2105

releasing date : Oct. 1996

track listing
EthiopiaBomb Russia
Sadie SadieMatchstick Men
Graveyard RockLive Strippers
Little RockSurfin On Heroin
Hideing In Your Roomunknown
I Am KingBomb Russia

Mickey De Sadist :vocals
Mike Mirabella :guitars
Mike Luman :bass
Damien McGhire :drums
mixed by :Chris Spedding

recording data
in 1966

joke by Dave McGhire on the 1996 Disgrace session

PIC: L to R;
D.McGhire, Yan Haust,
Peter Moore, C.Spedding

Sootie Millhouse AKA Chris Spedding, Pinky AKA Mr. Haust and Fluffy Fisher AKA Dave McGhire were all deep in thought when Sootie awoke from a lost in space like trance and said, you can only shine a turd so much guys!
Happy with the way he phrased his thoughts he went back to his muffin.

Spedding explains;
It's an in joke that only we understand. I'm called Sootie Millhouse in it. We came up with a way to find a person's "punk name": Ask the person the name of his first pet (mine was a cat called Sootie) and then the name of the first street he remembers living on. (I lived on Millhouses Lane in Sheffield.) So, "Sootie Millhouse".
"Shining a turd" is my phrase for me and Peter Moore trying to make Jan's old tapes sound better. And the "muffin" refers to me always bringing muffins to the studio in the morning.

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