John Bryant

vinyl albumCD album
UK) Polydor
    / 2382 069
US) Polydor
    / PD 5520
release year : 1971

track listing
DaybreakCome the Day
Lights of TownBaltimore
Lester May's Country BandMilkman
The Way You AreWarm My Bed
Woodbine AnnieOne Man Band
Lincoln Station

John Bryant :vocals / acoustic guitar
Chris Spedding :guitars
B.J.Cole :guitars
Mo Foster :bass
Henry Spinetti :drums
Mike Moran :keyboards
Ray Cooper :percussion
Sue and Sunny :backing vocals
produced by :Wayne Bickerton

recording data
at Lansdowne Studios, London

promo single
Woodbine Annie
    US) Polydor / 15062
      release year : 1973

session list