John Cale
      Island Years

vinyl albumCD album
UK) Island
    / 524 235-2

release month : July 1996

track listing
Fear Is A Man's Best FriendHeartbreak Hotel
Buffalo BalletSki Patrol
BarracudaI'm Not The Loving Kind
Ship Of FoolsThe Jeweller
GunMy Maria
The Man Who Couldn't Afford To OrgyHelen Of Troy
You Know More Than I KnowChina Sea
Momamma ScubaEngine
Sylvia SaidSave Us
All I Want Is YouCable Hogue
Bamboo FloorI Keep A Close Watch
Mr.WilsonPablo Picasso
Taking It All AwayLeaving It All Up To You
Dirty Ass Rock'n'RollBaby, What You Want Me To Do?
Darling I Need YouSudden Death
RollarollYou & Me
Coral Moon
Mary Lou

John Cale :vocals / keyboards / bass / guitars
Chris Spedding :guitars
Phil Manzanera :guitars
Pat Donaldson :bass
Archile Leggatt :bass
Trevor Burton :bass
Timi Donald :drums
Phil Collins :drums
Gerry Conway :drums
Raymond Duffy :drums
Keith Smart :drums
Eno :synthesizers
John Wood :synthesizers
Andy Mackay :sax
produced by :John Cale

All the tracks from "Fear", "Slow Dazzle", "Helen Of Troy" albums
plus "Coal Moon", "Mary Lou". And
"All I Want Is You" and "Bamboo Floor", outtakes from
"Slow Dazzle" session and
"You & Me", outtake from "Helen Of Troy" session.

session list