Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of
The War Of The Worlds

at the Dominion Theatre, London, UK on 22nd April 2016

  01. Prequel
  02. The Eve of the War
  03. Horsell Common and the Heat Ray
  04. The Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine
  05. Forever Autumn
  06. Thunder Child
    ----- intermission -----
  01. The Red Weed (Part I)
  02. The Spirit of Man
  03. The Red Weed (Part II)
  04. The Artilleryman Returns
  05. Brave New World
  06. Dead London (Part I & II)
  07. Epilogue (Part I)
  08. Epilogue (Part II) NASA

Jeff Wayne - composer / conductor / producer
Liam Neeson - the Journalist
Michael Praed - George Herbert
Simon Shorten - The Artilleryman
David Essex - The Voice of Humanity
Heidi Range - Beth, P.Nathaniel's Wife
Jimmy Nail - Parson Nathaniel
Madelena Alberto - Carrie, the Journalist's Fiancee
Jonathan Vickers - William Rowland
Lily Osborne - Vera May
the Black Smoke Band
Chris Spedding on guitar