Marianne Segal
birth : secret / UK

solo album
with Spedding

Gypsy Girl
Fly on Strangewings : the Anthology

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Marianne Segal recalls
Jeff Wayne hired Chris for the session.
We did 3 tracks: 'Miranda' 'Chesspiece' and 'Deal Out The Cards'.
On my new album 'Gypsy Girl' (archive tracks) there is only 'Miranda' on it.
While recording the song 'Miranda' on these sessions, I went over to Chris who had set up a very small amp in a booth, by the piano.
The sound he was getting for the the song sounded very similar to a sitar. I was very curious and went over and asked him how he was getting that sound from his guitar. He explained that he was using a 'Pignose' amp and showed me. It was a great sound for the track.