records produced by Gordon Mills

He produced Gilbert O'Sullivan.

I don't mean Chris Spedding is on the records below. I list up just what I got. Basically non-album singles only.

artist/group A-side B-side year label cat #
Bibi Jones A Lifetime Of Love He Will Be Here 1970 UK MAM 45 MAM 5
Nicky Speero Dulcie In A Moment Of Weakness 1970 UK MAM 45 MAM 6
Compass No More Whiskey Maybe She Will 1974 US MAM 45 MAM 3637 B-side : L.Lee
Leapy Lee My Advice To You Just Another Night 1971 US MAM 45 45-3618
Leapy Lee Helena Summer Rain 1973 UK MAM 45 MAM 94
Family Tree The Caves Look Inside 1976 UK MAM 45 MAM 149
The Squires Games People Play Funky Bayswater 1969 Fr VEGA 45 3.511 CS is not on.
Clive Westlake Love Is My Way She's A Woman 1970 UK MAM 45 MAM 2 CS is not on.
Lynsey De Paul Sugar Me Storm In A Cup 1972 UK MAM 45 MAM 81 CS is not on.
Sylvia McNeill Brown Eyes Good Time Charlie's Got... 1974 UK MAM 45 MAM 118 CS is not on.
Tina Charles Baby Don't You Know... He's My Suger 1971 UK MAM 45 MAM 154 CS is not on.
The Blossoms There's No Greater Love There's No Greater Love 1977 UK MAM 45 MAM 168 GM & J.Spence.
CS is not on.
Gilbert O'Sullivan Miss My Love Today Our Own Love 1977 UK MAM 45 MAM 172 CS is not on.