produced by Mickie Most

- Cosmic Wheels

Cozy Powell

Tam White



Sisters In Pain
other records produced by M.Most

Spedding says,
Mickie is a very underrated producer because he's mostly known for his pop stuff, but of course he has a hell of a pedigree going back to the Animals in the early 1960's. And he did a good albums with Jeff Beck, 'Truth' and 'Beck Ola' among other things, and he has a quick mind technically and musically, even though he's not really a trained musician, he has a very fast ear. And he'd get it, and he knows what you're talking about. He's pretty impressive to work with.

The first time I worked with him was on Donovan's 'Cosimic Wheels' album. As usual I was always coming up with lots of ideas and Mickie told me, 'Shut up, Spedding, this is a Donovan album, not a Spedding album!'
He was right, of course. The record had to showcase the artiste and no one else.
To illustrate what a great producer he was and how he would always find a way to recognize and not waste talent, a few days after the 'Shut up!' incident he said to me 'Chris, I notice you have a lot of good ideas, and I want you to write some string arrangement for the album.' I had never been asked by a producer to write string arrangement before and although they turned out good, I have never been asked since. But Mickie knew how to best utilise the talent at his disposal for the project in hand.

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