Pete Atkin
professional debut : ???
birth : 19?? /
residence : UK

Solos with Spedding Driving Thorough Mystery America
A King At Nightfall
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message from Pete Atkin
I remember very well seeing him play with Nucleus, and I have always enjoyed Mike Gibbs's music. Chris played on two of my albums. They were just some of the many sessions he was doing around that time, and I'm sure he'd never heard of me before - and possibly since! I don't think there's any special reason he should remember them. One small and not very important fact: on the recording of the song "Sunlight Gate" I broke a string on my Gibson acoustic, and because all the musicians, including brass, were playing live in the studio and we had three or four songs to record in the session and therefore time was short, rather than re-string my guitar, I borrowed Chris' acoustic - so it's both his guitars on the record even though he's only playing the electric.

(written for GG in 1997)