Robert Gordon & Chris Spedding
     Born To Rock

vinyl albumCD album
---------- DEN) Climate Control
    / 002

release month : Feb.2006

track listing
CS - Guitar Jamboree (a) Born To Lose (d)
The Way I Walk (a) You're Undecided (e)
Lonesome Train (a) Three Time Loser (e)
Summertime Blues (b) I Forgot To Remember (e)
Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache (b) Ubangi Stomp (f)
Walk On By (b) My Babe (g)
It Feels So Right (c) Blue Christmas (g)
The Worrying Kind (c) There You Go (h)
Rock Billy Boogie (c) This Little Thing Called Love (h)
I Wouldn't Treat A Dog (d) Rock Billy Boogie (h)
Drivin' Wheel (d) Fire (i)
Twenty Flight Rock (d) It's Only Make Believe (i)
Love Me (d)

Robert Gordon :vocals
Chris Spedding :guitars
Rob Stoner :bass
Bobby Chouinard :drums

recording data
(a)live in Nagoya, Japan on May 31 1993
(b)live in Oslo 1993
(c)live at Lone Star, NYC on July 31 1992
(d)live at Lone Star, NYC on Apr.10 1993
(e)live in Outo, Finland on Apr.4 1991
(f)live in Outo, Finland + Barcelona, Spain
(g)live in Barcelona, Spain on Oct.5 1991
(h)live in Vasteras, Sweden on Apr.2 1991
(i)live in Lone Star, NYC on June 27 1992

session list