Robert Gordon
- bootleg -
      Move It

vinyl albumCD album
---------- Latovia) Crown Electric
    / AED-4082-2

release year : 2005

track listing
The Way I Walk (a) Don't Leave Me Now (d)
Blue Christmas (a) There You Go (d)
All By Myself (a) Bad Boy (d)
Red Hot (a) Mama's Little Baby (d)
Mystery Train(a) Crimson And Clover (e)
Lonesome Train (a) My Babe (e)
Wheel Of Fortune (a) Nervous (e)
It's Only Make Believe (b) Rock Billy Boogie (e)
I Got A Woman (b) Feast Or Famine (f)
You're Undecided (b) Linda Lu (f *)
The Catman (c) I Can't Find It (g)
Move It (c) Middle Of The Night (g)
Fire (c) Drivin' Wheel (h)
Raw Deal (d) Love Me (h)

Robert Gordon :vocals
Chris Spedding :guitars
Stevie Ray Vaughan :guitars (*)

recording data
(a)at Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ on Dec.31 1978
(b)at My Fathers Place, Roslyn, NY on Mar.6 1979
(c)at Rainbow Music Hall, Denver on May 15 1979
(d)at Lone Star Cafe, NYC on Aug.9 1979
(e)at The Bayou, Washington D.C. on May 17 1982
(f)at Lone Star Cafe, NYC on Aug.20 1985
(g)at Lone Star Cafe, NYC on May 31 1986
(h)at the Bottom Line, NYC on Jan.19 1992

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