Sid Vicious
    Sid Lives

vinyl albumCD album
UK) Jungle
    / FREUDCD095

release date : Dec.11 2007

track listing
disc 1 disc 1
Search And DestroySearch And Destroy
I Wanna Be Your DogSomething Else
Something ElseBelsen Was A Gas
Stepping StoneI Wanna Be Your Dog
Don't Gimme No Lip ChildStepping Stone
Belsen Was A GasTake A Chance
Take A ChanceDon't Gimme No Lip Child
Chinese RocksChinese Rocks
Search And DestroyMy Way
ChatterboxSearch And Destroy
I Wanna Be Your DogChatterbox
Something ElseSomething Else
Belsen Was A GasI Wanna Be Your Dog
Stepping StoneBelsen Was A Gas
Chinese RocksStepping Stone
Take A ChanceTake A Chance
Don't Gimme No Lip ChildDon't Gimme No Lip Child
Something ElseChinese Rocks
My Way

Sid Vicious :vocals
Chris Spedding :guitars
Steve Dior :guitars
Jerry Nolan :bass
Arthur Kane :drums

recording data
at Max Kansas City, NYC on Sept.28 1978 (2nd show)

session list